Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ionatron Announces the Introduction of the First Deployable JIN Counter IED System

Tucson, AZ, June 27, 2005 – Ionatron, Inc., (Nasdaq: IOTN) a next generation controlled directed energy weapon technology company, today announced that the introduction of the first field deployable JIN Counter IED system will occur on July 7th at the NASA Stennis Space Center on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Ionatron established its production facility at the NASA Stennis Space Center on April 1st of this year. The Honorable Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi, will host the event. Attendees will include members of the Federal, State, and Local Government, representatives of the military, military families, as well as representatives of local and national media.

Ionatron expects to deliver 12 JIN Counter IED systems to the Government over the next 60 days from its Stennis manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Additionally, the Government has asked Ionatron, as part of the response to the Government’s statement of work, to provide a price for a minimum of 90 days of support in Iraq for these systems. The Iraq operational support, upon contract finalization, will be priced to also include equipment spares, ongoing training of military personnel and continued development and improvements of the JIN technology based on feedback from Department of Defense testing and field operations. The Company anticipates that recommended improvements will be incorporated into future production versions of the JIN technology.

Ionatron is presently performing the development and production activities under a U.S. Government letter contract, pending finalization of the formal contract for this effort. Ionatron’s pricing for the initial 12 JIN units is approximately $10 million. Spares, testing services, training and 90 days of in Iraq support are anticipated to be approximately an additional $13 million.

Ionatron and the U.S. Government Joint Team continue to work in conjunction to deliver the JIN Counter IED systems to Iraq as rapidly as possible in order to help protect our troops and Iraqi civilians and to support the Global War on Terrorism.

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