Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cyborg Jesse Sullivan Has Bionic Arms

Jesse Sullivan repaired power lines for the Tennessee Power Company and lost his arms after touching a live wire carrying 7,400 volts of electricity. His right arm was fitted with an old WWII style prosthesis but on his left arm they wanted to attach a new expiramental bionic arm. Doctors pulled out four main nerves that used to connect to Sullivan's left arm and fastened them just beneath the skin on his chest and a $6 million dollar bionic arm was attached. (I know $6 million dollars! That's sort of funny, isn't it?) The bionic arm allows Sullivan to bend his elbow and open and close his hand. He can make these movements by his own thoughts and can even feel hot and cold. Now he can feed himself, shave, put on his own socks and glasses, do the dishes, weed and mow his garden. He even painted a window! He is hoping to tie his shoes some day soon. Sullivan says, "When I first came to Chicago I was still suffering from the accident and I felt deep anxiety and fear, but now I feel great, this has given me hope for the future".

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