Friday, July 29, 2005

Computers replacing people - How far can it go?

"It's intriguing to watch as computers are being used for tasks that require much more analysis and other human-like thinking than in the past, such as generating letters to customers, initial screening of resumes for jobs, and filtering e-mail before it reaches its recipients. While I'm sure computers have potential in this area, I saw three examples within the last week where the computer showed its lack of human intellect. ... There has been much talk about, and work in, the field of artificial intelligence - making computers 'think' like humans. For rote tasks in which the process is simple (such as opening a door when motion is detected), computers work pretty well. But for complex tasks, such as deciding what mail should and shouldn't be delivered to your e-mail box, computers may always experience some difficulty. Perhaps I'll do a follow up commentary several years from now on this subject ... unless, of course, by that time this column is being written by a computer

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