Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Federated Commonwealth of Malatora

The Federated Commonwealth, better known by the shorthand FedCom, is currently a small micro nation that is determined to become a sovereign nation-state, no matter the cost.

Currently, Fed Com is concerned with becoming self-sufficient and establishing the means to properly defend itself from macro national aggression. Fed Com has long recognized the critical importance of self-defense: it supports peace, but is willing to use force as a last resort to protect itself.

Unlike many of its micro national brethren, Fed Com has no interest in joining the UN, or in gaining UN recognition. Fed Com considers the organization to be hopelessly corrupt, and wants no part in it. Likewise, it does not feel the need to validate its existence by seeking international diplomatic recognition.

Fed Com classifies itself as a "new-nation project", and says it is not a "virtual nation". Its leaders have often called it "perhaps the most serious of all new-nation projects in the micro national community, before or since".

Fed Com society is purely egalitarian. It is projected that the coming decades will see the introduction of an integrated population of humans and Cytrans, living and working together for mutual benefits and support.