Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Victhom Bionic Leg is One Step Closer

A Red Herring article gives a fairly complete story about the conception, design, and realization of the Victhom Bionic leg prosthesis. We've reported on the Victhom leg before. Victhom Bionics claims their leg, the first active, microprocessor controlled prosthetic leg, will revolutionize prosthetics. Skeptics are not so sure and point out that the C-Leg, a passive microprocessor controlled leg is real and available now. The C-Leg is also much less expensive than the Victhom leg, which is now expected to retail in the $50,000 range rather than $25,000 as earlier articles suggested. For more information on how bionic joints compare to tradition prosthetic joints, there is a article titled A Comparison of Different Prosthetic Knee Joints During Step-over-Step Stair Descent (PDF format).


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