Monday, August 01, 2005

rogers city welfare

"John Keller"
CC:"Douglas A. Gilmet" , "Doug McCombs"
Subject: Re: who is or are you ?
Good Morning,

My name is John Keller and I am
Doug Gilmet's Supervisor. If you
wish to speak with me you may
call me either in the Rogers City Office or
my Alpena Office. I am in Alpena
today at 989-354-7264 and tomorrow I
will be in Rogers City at 989-734-5126.

Lastly it is NOT illegal for a child
to be home-schooled in the state
of Michigan. Further any concerns
about a child and educational
concerns are not a part of the Michigan
Child Protection Law and we do not
investigate these matters. I would
refer you to the local school district
in which the children reside should you
have any other concerns.

Should you have any other concerns you
may call me at the above
referenced numbers.

John D. Keller, MSW
Services Supervisor

Presque Isle Department of Human Services

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