Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sohgo Guard-Robo C-4 gets a Fuel Cell

There's a Japan Today press story on fuelcellsworks.com about the latest plans for the Sohgo Guard-Robo C-4 security robot. Previously powered by a lead-acid batteries, the new version of the robot will use a hydrogen fuel cell. We reported on the C-4 back in 2003 when the company made the claim it would be the first fuel cell robot. The security robot currently has no weapons. It responds to intruders by flashing lights at them and shouting "thief!" repeatedly. There are also plans to equip the robot with a paintball gun that marks intruders for later identification by human security personnel. But the robot's maker say it will never use deadly force. "We have no intention of developing dangerous tools that will cause physical harm, even to thieves" Tosaka said. "Robots must not have the capability of attacking human beings." You can pick up a C-4 for 9.4 million yen (about $84,000 US).


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